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  • 2 lbs fresh or frozen Chicken Wings
  • 1 cup Moore’s Original Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • 1 cup Moore’s Blue Cheese Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • 1 cup Moore’s Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • 1 cup Moore’s Spicy Habanero Wing Sauce
  • Celery, optional



  1. If wings are frozen, thaw. Salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Prepare frozen wings by thawing or prepare fresh wings by cutting off wing tip and discarding.
  3. Salt and pepper wings on both sides.
  4. Grill wings until cooked throughout. Internal temperature should be 165 degrees.
  5. Divide wings into 4 large bowls and toss with different wing sauces.
  6. Serve with celery and extra sauce for dipping.

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