Panna Cotta with Teriyaki Glazed Berries

This recipe comes to us from Chef Chad Posey at the Grand Bohemian Cooking School by Kessler


1 Cup Moore’s Teriyaki Marinade
2 Gelatin Sheets
1 Quart ice water
1 Cup buttermilk
1 Cup heavy cream
½ Cup sugar
½ Tablespoon vanilla paste
½ Cup brown sugar
¼ Cup raspberries
¼ Cup blackberries
¼ Cup blueberries


1.      Place the gelatin sheets in the water, allow them to soak until they soften. Remove them from the ice water and squeeze out the excess liquid.
2.      Place the cream, sugar, and vanilla paste into a sauce pot and place on medium heat, stir well. Bring to a simmer and immediately lower to a simmer.
3.      Add the gelatin to the hot liquid and stir until the gelatin completely dissolves.
4.      Stir in the buttermilk and remove from heat. Pour into desired dishes place into cooler to completely chill and set.
5.      Combine teriyaki sauce with brown sugar in mixing bowl, and add in berries let macerate for 30 minutes. Top the set panna cotta with macerated berries and liquid from the sauce.